I'm a developer. Unfortunately, I manage a team of developers at work and I end up doing more of that than actual coding. (That's been debatable lately.) So at home I write a lot of stuff for personal use. It's enormously fun.

Every once in a while I write something that I think is worth sharing. This is my outlet.

...the software i share
This isn't enterprise-class software. I do that at work. It's usually a simple utility that does one thing, and does it well. (Although I have a few bigger projects in the works at the moment, which I hope to release soon.)

Most of the time I write this stuff as a result of one of my own needs. I have, however, taken requests and I'm always open to ideas. Feel free to ask!

Due to the nature of the specific-use applications I write, they will come and go. Sometimes they're generic enough to stay, sometimes they're not, and sometimes they just get outdated.

My programming language of preference (for many reasons) is Visual Basic .NET, meaning the software for download on this site is probably written in it. (Though not necessarily.) All of it will require at least the .NET Framework Version 2.0.

(Queue the snobby C programmers.....Just kidding.) ;o)

Anyways, it's also free, free to distribute, and hopefully useful. Thanks for giving it a try. (Unless, of course, you're here to send me a death threat, or a collections notice instead of downloading software.)